Nines d’Onil - Sustainable Doll - Orana

Nines d’Onil - Sustainable Doll - Orana

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Meet Orana, she's from Australian decent and her name means welcome and its inspired on the aboriginal Wiradjuri language. 

As you can see she has the most gorgeous brown eyes and long blonde hair, perfect for any cute hairstyles. Our most favourite features are her lovely eyebrows and lashes, which make her eyes pop!.

She's an anatomically correct doll that is 34cm, designed by the brand LilleLove and Manufactured by the prestigious Nines de Onil. These are made of vinyl, with sustainability and your little one in mind, all materials used meet European standards. 

The detailing is fantastic, all dolls are hand-painted making them very special. Your little one will have a great time playing with these, lifting their arms, dressing them up and brushing their hair. 

She comes with either a pink or a blue embroidered romper included. 

Size: 34cm

Made of Vinyl 

Cotton romper

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